Advantages of Glycosylation:

  • Improve Solubility - Curcumin solubility improved 230x with one glucose unit added. And 22 million times with six glucose units

  • Optimise Drug Delivery – Glucosylated Vitamin E diffuses through the skin and is then metabolized to the active form

  • Improve BBB Penetration – Glucosylated endorphins are 2x better taken up in the brain, with better analgesic effects

  • Optimise Tissue Targeting – 60% of oral glucosylated dexamethasone reaches the lower bowel, vs 1% of non-glucosylated.  It is then cleaved to the active form

  • Improve Activity – morphine-6-glucuronide is a 45-60x more potent analgesic than morphine in animal models, with a longer lasting effect

  • Modify organoleptic properties – Rebaudioside M works better as a sweetener than all other rebaudiosides tested

  • Create novel molecules – with potentially novel utilities and refreshed IP

  • Improve scalability of production

See examples of glycosylation in our applications

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