In the box

The enzymes are provided in four 96-well microtiter plates.  Each well contains enough purified enzyme for about c.10 reactions. We can provide additional copies of each plate if you need them.

For initial screening we recommend using a plate reader assay such as the Promega “UDP-Glo™ Glycosyltransferase Assay”. This requires a plate reader that can measure luminescence. Confirmation of initial hits, proper quantification of activity and structure elucidation will then need HPLC or LC-MS analysis. Detailed protocols are provided with the kit, and online and phone support is available.

We can also provide the identity and sequence of any of the enzymes and an E. coli expression plasmid containing the encoding gene. This provides you with all you need to pursue your investigations. River Stone can provide related discovery and scale-up services if you need them.