Why Gly-kit?

Gly-Kit is a unique platform which allows you to use enzymes to add sugars to small molecules (glycosylation).


Any small molecule can be rapidly screened against more than 380 diverse glycosyltransferase enzymes (UGTs).

Glycosylation can: 

  • Make compounds more soluble – improving GI absorption and enabling better formulations

  • Improve a compound’s ADMET profile – changing tissue distribution, cell uptake etc.

  • Improve enzymatic or physical stability

  • Reduce toxicity – improving the safety window in pharmaceuticals, enabling higher titres in microbial production, etc.

  • Change organoleptic properties – making them sweeter, less bitter or changing the flavour profile

  • Allow novel molecules to be created – with potentially novel utilities and refreshed IP

  • Provide a fully scalable production platform at low cost


Two screening systems can be used with the platform:

  1. A colorimetric assay that allows for quick identification of which enzyme(s) glycosylate a molecule.

  2. HPLC/MS-based, giving more quantitative results and at least partial structure elucidation.​

We can provide UGT sequences of the enzyme(s) responsible for the glycosylation as  well as the associated expression systems.


Don't see specifically what you are working on right now? Email us and we can assist - we will be releasing additional applications and uses in the coming months.






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